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Q: Why do consumers need this app?

A: Consumers need this app to convey valuable information to emergency personnel in case of emergency (ICE). You see, most people lock their smartphones, and for good reason. But if the phone is locked and the phone’s owner cannot unlock it due to an injury or some other type of emergency, no one can get access to the Contact information contained within the phone. But even if the phone is unlocked, determining who to contact from a long list of names is difficult unless someone is specified as the ICE Contact; however, few smartphone users designate anyone as their ICE contact simply because ICE would always come up on the screen whenever that person called. Your ICE app fixes all those problems by very simply presenting what could be life saving information to those who need it.

Q: Why should hospitals and healthcare providers offer this Branded ICE app to their market?

A: First, this app provides a needed service that perfectly aligns with the Mission Statements of almost all hospitals and healthcare providers — namely to provide valuable services that positively affect the well-being of the community in which they serve. Second, this app puts the healthcare provider’s logo on the home screen of every user. That means that every time users operates their phones, they will see your logo and be reminded about your brand. Last, the healthcare provider’s name, locations and phone numbers are contained within the app, making them the preferred choice of the consumer for healthcare needs.

Q: How much work does the hospital or healthcare provider have to do to be able to offer this app?

A: Not much! We simply need your brand information (logo and color palette) as well as your locations and contact information. We then create all of the screens and share them with you as jpegs to get your approval. Once approval is given on the look, we then produce the apps for you, submit them to the app stores for approval, and provide you with the url that contains the app description and the link to download it. You can see how easy it is to get started at this link.

Q: Does DC Interactive Group have marketing support material to help clients get the word out about the availability of the app?

A: Certainly. As part of the Demi & Cooper Advertising team, we have produced a wide range of marketing materials to spread the word about the app, including banner ads, table tents, print ads, fliers, etc. Just ask and we’ll show you what’s available.

Q: How does someone get started with the process?

A: Click this link to get the app for your organization

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