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The Launch Screen and Your Brand

Once we have your logo and color palette, we redesign the screen that launches the app so it is YOUR app. Your brand is front and center whenever the app is launched so that it is powerfully associated with what very well could be a life-saving tool. This Launch Screen then moves automatically to the Owner Screen for the user to begin inputting the important information that will fuel the app’s purpose.

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The User Picks Who To Contact

With your logo at the top, this page shows a list of those whom the owner wants contacted in case of an emergency. Simply pressing the name will activate a phone call to that person. The name, phone number and relation of the Primary Contact then gets displayed on the Lock Screen so emergency personnel can know this information without having to unlock the phone.

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Lock Screen – Where This App Shines For Your Brand

Every time users operate their phones, they will see your brand and connect you to this life-saving tool. Plus, without needing to unlock the phone, any person can see who the user wants contacted in case of an emergency (ICE) because the information is right on the lock screen. The Lock Screen also tells emergency personnel that there’s an app inside the phone that has more valuable information about the owner of the phone.

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Owner Screen

Notice that your brand is featured at the top of all screens. In the “Owner” screen, users simply enter their contact information and then click on “conditions” and “medications” to edit their list of each.

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List of Medications

It’s always wise for caregivers to know as much as possible about the patient before administering care. This app not only displays a list of medications the user is taking, but also a list of those to which the user is allergic (all selected from a database that can be modified by the user). Communication is critical. And this app allows the user to communicate with caregivers even if the user cannot talk.

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The User’s Conditions Are Listed

This screen lists all of the medical conditions that the user has added from the app’s list. The goal is to make emergency personnel aware of any potential complications they may experience while providing care to the user.

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List Your Locations

There are two ways people can find your facilities: List View and Map View. Here is how your locations are presented in a list. We use the information you supply to fill this page for you. Clicking on any location brings you to a more detailed page where you can directly connect via phone.

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