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Photo by Michael Smart~Sun-Times Media

Sherman unveils life-saving phone app

“It’s really relevant to anyone,” said Josh McColough, marketing manager of Sherman Health. “We thought it had really great appeal because, minus the map to Sherman Health, everyone should have this on their phones — really and truly — to help save lives.”

The Courier-News

For Communications Pros, Mobile Apps Become Major Business-Driving Tool

“[DC Interactive] homed in on problems with mobile phones and medical emergencies. A major problem: If a person is incapacitated and her phone is locked, EMTs or good citizens can’t get access to emergency contacts and critical medical information. The tech fix: DC Interactive put an emergency contact banner ahead of the phone’s lock screen.”

PR News Online

Acadian Ambulance Launches New I.C.E. Mobile App

“The I.C.E. app also allows users to securely store information regarding current medications, medication allergies, and health conditions. This information, accessible only after the phone has been unlocked by the user or the emergency contact, can ensure medical personnel are informed of any special needs or conditions.”

PR Web

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